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DIY Homefry Heaven

DIY Homefry Heaven

I remember the first time I had this it was at Java and I fell in love.

For months I craved  this simple cheesy fries and went to java for it. It got so bad that one particular waitress knew exactly what I wanted…

If you’re down for a mouth full of bombness here you go.



Salt to taste


How it’s done

Simply make fries

As they fry grate some cheese

When the fries are ready, serve them on a plate (You can spread kitchen tissue on a dish and place the fries there to drain out the excess oil first)

Add salt to taste and then sprinkle as much cheese as you want.

(If you want to add a bit more flavour throw in some bacon in there too) 

Place it in a microwave for about a minute or till the cheese melts


There you have it…

Simple and delish 🙂

Trust me

*Wink Wink*



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