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Life Ain’t Nothing But A Faith Thing

Life Ain’t Nothing But A Faith Thing

“Through weary, I hope; though tired I walk. Even when the road ahead isn’t clear I brace myself and go on.” ­~Emz

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It’s easy to dream dreams, devise and conceptualise plans in your head but what happens after that?

It’s easy to say, “I’m waiting on God to make things happen.” I mean isn’t that what we’re taught in church.

“If God said it then he will do right?”

Very true and valid but what’s your part in all this? Where does your responsibility lie?

In the sitting?



Couch potato things


I have come to learn that Rahab covering up for Joshua is actually her way of exercising faith at that particular time.

Faith is a doing word. It’s more active than it is passive.


Allow me to break it down for you

Let’s say you want to pop the big question. What do you do? Just sit there and wait for the person to know what your thinking? No, you prepare for it.

Draw out your plan, find a place that works for you and then get what you need and pop that question like a bottle of sparkling wine.


“Grace, I wanted to know…”



“…will you be my business partner?””

Then hand her the contract.



Got you! But you get the gist.


The thing about doing is just that, doing.

Sometimes rehearsing formula’s won’t work.

You can try for as long as you want. Plan to have all the pomp and colour and get a no because you were too slow to act.

Fate can also be time-bound.

Some situations need you to act fast *Rahab* while others need you sit still.

The ones that require you to sit and chill still entails some work.

You need to prepare emotionally, spiritually, mentally and sometimes physically. Create room for it as you wait.

Doing life is mostly interactive and if you miss it! You’ll just have to wait for the system to recalibrate and when it does don’t make the same mistake

Now go do life!


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