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Love Is More Than A Broken Promise

Love Is More Than A Broken Promise


 “The hands that hold your tears are the hands of he who loves.”-Emz

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In my quest to find one of my login passwords that I’d forgotten, I stumbled upon a few “love” notes from an ex.

As I read through them I couldn’t help but wonder where my heart was then.

The words were just as sweet as a spoon full of honey or a finger covered in Nutella but that’s all they were.


                                                  No Shade


Don’t get me wrong, at that time they were #Life but now when I look back * Need I say more? *

It brings me to ask, “When the curtains close what next?” that’s where true love really shows.

Beyond the I love you’s and you’re my queen/ you’re my king lies life.

Will your ‘love’ really withstand the rain?

Can you look past the mess & help clean it up??? If not, then don’t call it love because it ain’t.




Life Lessons On Love & Promises.


  1. It’s okay to let him/ her go. Your plans won’t die because they aren’t there.


The art of letting go will take time (I’m still on that road) but you will learn how to.

The memories may not vanish but, they will slowly fade away and be replaced with new ones.

The reason you were placed on this earth will not go with them. No, it won’t.

It’ll continue on with you & this time you won’t have a rock pulling you down.

Life will go on… It simply must.


  1. You’ll always know when the relationship is over


Don’t clutch at straws because of the fear of letting go. Boo, I’ve been there, trust me.

I know what it’s like holding on to the maybes.

I’m far too familiar with the false hope that comes with, “Maybe tomorrow/ with time.” And “Maybe if we try doing this.”

It doesn’t work.

Relationships aren’t built on “Maybes” they are built on commitment and so much more.


  1. If it’s meant to be it will be.


I’ve read and heard countless of stories where couples split up then come back together after some time.

Not going too far Koki is one of them.

As messy as it may or may not have been a fresh wind can make everything beautiful again.

Guess what? If you’re meant to be then at the right time you will reunite and your relationship will blossom.

Here’s an inspirational story for you.


  1. Promises don’t count unless they are followed through


Painful but true.

It’s the act of fanning a small fire that will make it into a bigger one.

You need to put some back into it and support what you are saying with actions.

What’s a case without evidence???

What’s an experiment without results?

Just that.



  1. Love yourself


How can you love someone if you can’t love yourself?

If you look in the mirror and can’t stand the person you’re seeing on the other side, then you’ve got no business ‘tryna’ be in a relationship. You’ll just end up hurting the one you’re with.

You see, there are times when something will irk you about your partner.

This ‘thing’ is probably something you don’t like about yourself.

If you can’t deal with your internal issues, then you definitely can’t deal with external issues.




Loving yourself will give you a confidence that’s beyond words.

If you love yourself, you can stand your ground no matter how much you love your partner.

You can call stupidity for what it is.

Boundaries can’t be created or respected when you have low self-esteem.

Honey, he/she will step all over them in an instant.

They that love themselves knows how to love others.

Think about it.


  1. Keep doing you & when the right person comes they’ll help you build on what’s already there.


As you go on, you’ll meet the right person.

Chances are they will be headed towards the same direction as you.

If the two of you end up together you’ll both have similar/ complementary life goals, dreams, desires and ambitions.

You’ll already be of one mind which is Key in every relationship.


Till we meet again,


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