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Peace In the storm

Peace In the storm

“A hand to hold, a gentle whisper that quiets the storm. Just hold me close and don’t let go. My heart is yours now & forever, I won’t let go.”-Emz

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It’s hard to tell you what storms look like. It’s true that they come and go, but when it rains, it pours for sure. I can only imagine the turmoil that your hearts can be in when you’re going through a storm.  All I can say is, peace be still. Silence the winds and you will make it through.

Most of my life has been a storm. This, I assure you. A load of tears and emotions, hope and wonder.

The best advice I have ever gotten was from my friend @woshipwreckage.   She said that ‘In order for you to get through you need to learn to sleep in a storm.’


“Can you?”

“How can you sleep when you feel like your life is falling into pieces?”

“How do you sleep when nothing makes sense?”

“I mean look, the water is coming into my boat!”

“Death I tell you, deathhhhh….”

“I repeat!!! Death….”

“Abort mission! Abort…”

*CHUCKLES* Dramatic, right?

“Don’t do it! Just don’t do it!” Here’s why:

It’s true, the worst thing someone can tell you is, “It’s going to be alright,” when going through something.

Your mental response is something like…

“Is it? No really, Is it?”

Yes, it will.

Hold on… Let me explain why I say so.

If you have ever experienced an ounce of love, then you know the joy of basking in it. I’m not talking about the toxic kind (Wadup Riri). The beautiful kind!

You see the one who holds your heart can calm every raging storm in it with just one hug.  It’s like your pain and sorrow melts away. This, my friends, is a mystery only found in true love.

You see, before the hug, before the smile, before all that your focus was on the problem but as soon as something else came into sight your mind shifted because your attention changed.

That’s the “Peace in the storm” I’m talking about.

When my dear friend shared her thoughts on sleeping through the storm I thought:

‘Switch off!’

‘Get a blanket!’

‘Live like nothing’s happening!’

Nothing to see over here

But as I got into a similar situation she went through; 50 million reactions after, I learnt it’s about acknowledging the situation & shifting focus.

*System Re-calibrate*

There are many things you cannot change, many tears worth not shedding and many people by your side. You have all you need to get through whatever season you are in all you need to do is shift focus.

Your strength is within you…. No matter how hard the waves come at you, just know that you can, will and must make it through. Don’t be afraid to draw your inner strength.

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