Safaricom- Iko Sawa ad

Emzies Space  Safaricom- Iko Sawa ad

Safaricom- Iko Sawa ad

Our Challenge 


Safaricom was turning 18yrs & wanted to award its customers. They noticed that the target audience would only have enough to get them through and wanted to not only give them value for their money but also a reason to smile.


The Approach

Television & Cinema Commercials


How do you sell another bundle?
We bring out a relevant situation with a kick of humour.

Taking inspiration from blockbuster Hollywood film ‘ant man’s narration we built a story in the life of a normal Kenyan. Graduation, traffic and Boda guys always getting lost when it’s an emergency.


What did the brand get from this?

A lot of brand engagement & brand interaction and conversion.


October 23, 2019



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