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Safaricom- Reverse Call

Our Challenge



Safaricom approached us for an awareness campaign on a product dubbed ‘Reverse call’. This product was designed for a people that couldn’t afford to always buy airtime or for one or two reasons did not have access to it at the time needed and the may have run out of call-back texts.


The Approach

We thought it would be interesting to go for an extremely different route. We thought of the most unusual emergencies on would have & would need to call the least obvious person, a mum. Going back to when we were younger and a girl would be invited for a date and instead of going solo, she would tag along with her friends.


What did the brand get from this?

The campaign grew conversion within a month and the consumers benefit from the product.

It got mixed fillings, a lot of memes and conversation.

If you ask me, we did our job!



October 23, 2019



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