Sunny Days

Sunny Days

Sunny days…

Everybody loves them tell me baby can you stand the rain…

ssysssOkay, I really love that song!

Sunny days denote life, hope, fun and joy. Such days are more gratifying when spent with family and friends because with them, is an environment for you to blossom.


Hello from the other side

As I thought about what to write today I figured why not talk about the unique aspects that I see in my friends? I know they are amazing but not everyone knows this, so here we go…

Photos by: Mu Kuria

The Dancer and the R&B singer

The Dancer and the R&B singer

I happened to just love these two men… T and Robbie are such goons both creatives in their own element but also such wonderful company to have around. This two were one of the few friends who were with me in my toughest of times and I’m grateful for that. I Love you guys.


(L-R) T, me Robbie

T is a developer, dancer, guitarist, singer and boyfriend to my other friend Joy. “Shout out Joy, hey girrrlll?” He is ambitious, creative and such a wonderful hearted person.


Nobody knows what Robbie was doing

Robbie AKA “I’m on YouTube.” is an artist, graphics designer, singer, dancer, leader and teacher. You cannot miss his presence; he is one of those people that just stand out and loves having fun.


The lawyer, blogger, presenter and finance guru…

 My my, may I just say love at first smile…

Koki is not only a brilliant mind but she has such a gorgeous heart; her smile has the capacity to melt your problems away (You literally forget what you are going through when you are with her). She has so much in her that always blows me away. Most of the time I am lost for words when trying to explain who she is and how she is. I just love her to bits!!!

how-tp-group photo

L-R (T, Sheila, Soil, me, Robbie and Sam)

The presenter Soila, hmm… This lady is funny, crazy and sweet. You cannot be around her and not laugh, it is really impossible.


Sheila the lawyer, cute as a button but when it comes to the law she fights for justice. She is the perfect definition of beauty and brains and to top it up she comes with a crazy sense of humour.


I’m out

Finally, we have Sam the finance Guru. Spending time with him is like reading through a business-financial encyclopaedia and it is brilliant. He is such a funny character (he can literally bring you to your knees from laughter) with wits; he thrives in helping people by occasionally offering business and financial advice.

More than words :)

More than words 🙂

When I look back at my choice of friends I Smile and think, “Wow, I am lucky.” These are just a few of the many wonderful friends around me. Maybe there will be a part two, let us wait and see.

And then I was home...

And then I was home…

My sunny days are mostly spent with my friends and we talk, laugh and eat.

How do your Sunny days look?




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