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Restaurant Review; Taste Thai Kani - Emzies Space
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Restaurant Review; Taste Thai Kani

Dine by the Beach

Restaurant Review; Taste Thai Kani

*Restaurant Review Alert!*

Ola lovelies,

I’ve always wanted to write a restaurant review and guess what I’m working on that, well not just one but a couple of reviews and just see what different restaurants have to offer. But in the mean time…It’s a new day & a new dawn!!! Mhhh! I love the sound of that…

I got the opportunity to tour Daressalaam and for sure I have one or two things I want to say about my adventure.

Come in closer to hear what I found.

A little closer…



It was brilliant!

Brilliant, I tell you! Not only did I enjoy the long walks at the beach but the environment created by the warm humid area but I also got to do a food/restaurant review of Thai Kani for you!

I just loved it.


Part of my adventure was trying out new restaurants *Screams* well, here is a  restaurant review of one.

Drum rolls, please….


Restaurant Review #1  Thai Kani


Can I just live there?

It’s right next to the sea hence the ambience (insert French accent) is everything!

They have an indoor and outdoor sitting area! If you’ve got the sea view why sit inside?

The waiters are really nice & well trained; the manager also swings by occasionally to check on you and find out if your satisfied & happy with their services. (Talk about VIP treatment)

Let’s talk food!!!

I ordered the ‘Pad Kra Pao’ with mashed potatoes! It was delish! You’d be surprised how filling it was.


Thai kani restaurunt Review


‘Pad Kra Pao’ is stir fried chicken with basil and herbs.

The food was rich in texture & did good things to my taste buds.  The stir fry is sweet & sour with a burst of flavour; the basil wasn’t as pronounced hence balancing all the flavours well.

My bestie went full-on seafood.

She got the ‘Spicy Tuna Maki sushi roll’ with extra avocado…


Restaurant Review of Thai kani, food


As you can see it looked tasty….

Who wouldn’t love some of that?

I’m not a sushi fan but it was pretty decent!

If you’re new to this sea food life you just might think… that’s so little! believe me don’t let the portions deceive you, it is extremely filling.

The ambience was great- I mean sea front view as you dine! watching the sunset and listening to music as you eat.

we sat outdoors so the music wasn’t too loud.

This wouldnt be a restaurant review if I didn’t talk about the waiters and waitresses, would it?

They were really friendly and swift. I mean, no unnecessary waiting and they handled our food and drinks pretty well. No spillage or flying plates. The chef really tried where presentation was concerned.

All in all, it was great!

If I was to rate them I’d give them a 4.5 just because there’s always room for improvement *Wink*


Taste 0

Presentation 0

Quantity 0

Food Texture 0

Service 0

If you’re in Dar… Masaki area, stop by & try them out!!

If you liked this Restaurant review/ food review let me know and I’ll do more of them

Till our next adventure, adios.


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