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Last post of the month, Yey!!! It’s been Such a long and “heart-full” month and to kick May goodbye here is the final tale from the Vulnerability series. Read and enjoy!

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I read of a woman beautiful to the eye and kind at heart. Everything she touched turned into gold; she was more than just a name defined. She was truth and joy. She was pure, she was a fully bloomed rose; worth more than money could buy. She was the best of creation.

This strong priestess was trapped, she craved freedom. She craved newness; she craved companionship but chains of life bound her. She tried to break free but she could not.

She sat on the floor as her salty tears dusted her face; she was worn out from trying to get out. Her friends looked at her in disbelief; she had depreciated in her appearance her once lite face was now dull and finished.

“Why can’t you just get out?” They asked

“I can’t, I don’t have the key.”

“What key?”

“The one I need to unlock these chains.”

“What chains?”

“Just leave,” she said. She thought they were mocking her but the truth is she was not bound by physical chains. They were psychological; the chains that bound her were in her mind. They were only statutes of limitations.

Physically she was free to do as she wished. Where she needed to fly she could. Where she needed to jump she could. She considered herself trapped because she had lived that way so long.

It is very easy to find yourself trapped in a situation. Maybe you have lived a lie for such a long time that its part of who you are. It’s like you have been living out a game of charades. At this point, you don’t know who you are anymore.


Listen, it happens… You may not know how to change things now and maybe you feel like it’s too late for amendments. It is never too late… You are afraid that when people find out who you really are they might scatter? “Honey, what if they stay,” You are afraid if you leave you might never find someone better? “Honey, what if you do?”

Life is part of a journey of, “What if’s…” you will never know until you try.

Nobody can free you! It’s all up to you. I came to learn that perceptions are the worst stronghold that one can have. Mhh-hmm for instance, I had a job interview on Friday and I was sweating bullets; I barely slept Thursday night. Fear enveloped my heart and where I knew I was courageous I felt like a helpless little girl in need of a mother’s cuddles to calm her down. I felt trapped because there were ghosts in my closet that I knew I had to finally deal with but I was afraid to. I was afraid I would lose.


It’s not until you say, “I can!”  That you will. It’s not until you confess how strong you are that strength will make its presence known. Nobody can put you in a box that you do not want to be in.

Just like a bird that stuck in a trap. It’s only until you calm down and look at the situation when you will be able to solve it. It’s okay to take time and pick yourself up piece by piece. It’s okay to take time and heal. Guess what? It is okay to accept that you made a wrong decision which led to where you are right now. It is not okay however to stay there. It is not okay to beat yourself up and build yourself a fortress around it…


Remember trapped animals were once free.

The choice is all yours!




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