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You Are Good Enough

You Are Good Enough

“Don’t wait for the world to see you as good enough. Take courage and believe in yourself because you have what it takes to be the change you want to see. Just believe in yourself a little ~ Emz”

You are good enough


In a world filled with self-help books, life coaches and self-improvement products;

One saturated with picture-perfect feeds, nip and tucks, thousands of beauty creams and endless beauty schemes- YOU ARE ENOUGH!


Yes, you are!

You may not be where you wanted to be,

You may not have the body you thought you’d have,

You may not be with the person you thought you’d be with;

You may not even feel like a million bucks but guess what, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! 


Enough, to try again;

Enough, to take a leap of faith and finally pursue your dreams,

Enough, to be who you are meant to be;

Enough, to look your reflection in the mirror and see the gem hidden inside you.

Because honey, you are awesome 🙂 


Life can play you sometimes. It can come at you so hard that you lose balance; it can throw so many rocks at you that you are left disfigured, trust me, I know.

It can make you second guess yourself, it can make you stutter and even make you okay with staying in your safe zone, but, not anymore.


Before the new year resolutions chants check-in, take time and wonder. Go back to when you were a little child so full of life and adventure; not afraid of what will happen if you jump from the sofa or do something dangerous. 

That piece of you that was wild and unashamed.

Look at who that person was and let him or her free.

Let them teach you to live again; to pick flowers and smell them,

Let joy fill your soul and kiss your heart.

And as you gain the courage to begin again, remember You Are Good Enough.


Need to change your general outlook? Here are 5 tips that will help 


  1. Morning affirmations


Look yourself in the mirror every morning, smile and tell yourself that you are good enough. Everything about you is good, you deserve the best and will get the best.

2.  Buy a plant


Funny but, researchers found that taking care of a plant not only makes you happier, but they have healing effects. They not only clean the air but can also help you focus. You’ll learn a thing or two about caring for yourself and when you see your plant flourish it will show you that you can be responsible and caring too. Now, before you go crazy and buy all the plants you see by the roadside, maybe start with one plant and if it survives the first 6 months get another one if it doesn’t try again or buy flowers that will go in a vase.  

Side note: I did notice plant owners attract other plant owners and can be a good conversation starter.


3. Have a self-care routine

you are enough self care routine

It’s one of the most underrated things but so very important. It can be as simple as putting on a homemade mask and watching your favourite series/movie or going for a massage or mani-pedi. Whatever it takes, make the time and dial down.

4. Date yourself

you are enough

Because you are awesome. Right? Right??? Right????

Take yourself out for coffee and enjoy your own company. Carry a book, Bible, Colouring book or even your journal and write your thoughts away. It’ll be worth it.

5.  What’s your best feature?


It can take a minute, but you’ll definitely find a couple.

I think life would be a little more enjoyable if we weren’t so hard on ourselves and that’s why tip number 5 is a must-do. What is your best feature at the moment? Look at your self in the mirror and say it, e.g. “I love my smile. I think it’s wonderful and heart-warming.”

Do that daily, and you’ll see that the more you do it, the more you’ll find things you love about yourself.


And with that, friends; I want to wish you the best 2020 can bring you.

I have a whole lot more in store, this time for real.

See you soon, please share this post with someone that needs to read this, comment and let me know which tip you’ll try out and some more things that I too can try.

…and remember… YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!








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  • Marie
    January 22, 2020

    Amazing and inspiring

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